Professional Services

At The Mar Company (TMC) , we build relationships. We partner with our client’s organization to enhance their people, processes, technology, and strategy in an effort to achieve their strategic objectives. We believe that our partnership-oriented approach enables us to provide innovative and appropriate solutions that help differentiate our clients in their industry. We are solutions-oriented. Our approach is to ensure that each aspect of the engagement is executed based on our customer’s business objectives, with an attention to detail and a commitment to quality. This approach applies greater effort at the beginning stages of the engagement to identify and plan for all aspects of the work up front, when there’s still ample time to address issues and resolve them. We believe in continuous communication with our clients, eliminating the surprises that typically accompany consulting engagements.

The TMC team has provided Consulting services to over 30 different HealthCare and Financial companies. Our clients demand the delivery of the highest level of quality, speed to market, exceptional project leadership, and a driving, almost primal awareness that the project simply cannot fail. This is where TMC shines and where we differentiate ourselves from our competition.

TMC Professional Solutions offerings include:

* IT Project Strategy and Management
* Systems Analysis
* System Selection
* Rapid Assessment and Business Requirements
* Strategic Alignment
* Knowledge Transfer
* System Integration and Development
* Quality Management

Technical Solutions

We are specialists in applying the appropriate technical solutions to address our client’s most pressing clinical and business needs. Our clients are the experts in healthcare and we are the experts in the technology that drives their industry. 

Too often, consulting firms present themselves as if they know more about your company processes than you do. For us at TMC, we find this approach stifles the creative input that is essential for deriving a successful solution. Instead, we strive to leverage our healthcare knowledge and technical expertise to stimulate thought and ideas from our clients and guide them towards the solution they need and desire.

By partnering and working with our clients, TMC is able to create an environment where the technology experts and the healthcare experts come together with mutual insights to produce the right solution at the right time.

After all, the successful solution belongs to our clients, not to us.

TMC Technical offerings include:

* IT Project Strategy and Management
* Systems Analysis
* System Audit
* Managed Servers and Desktops
* Network Monitoring
* System Implementation
* Technical Staff Augmentation

TMC differentiates from the competition by focusing on two essential, yet often overlooked, criteria for a successful relationship: Choosing the right approach and ensuring the expertise and knowledge resides with the client when the system is delivered.

Creative Solutions

The Mar Company provides our clients creative solutions to help promote and enhance their image on the web or print.  The creative team at TMC can help your business create or enhance your website with modern design and function.  Contact our sales staff for more information regarding our Creative Solutions made!